MYKITA was founded in Germany in 2004 by two product design students Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling. They were first based in a nursery (Kita in German) which inspired the brand name. Their first models were created after they obtained old button manufacturing machines from flea markets. This is where they started bending sheets of metal into shape. In addition to this the design students decided to nickname their workshop the “African Machine Park”.

This process was the basis of their success. As each MYKITA frame is now handmade from sheets of surgical stainless steel. The steel is bent into shape making the glasses incredibly lightweight but durable. This continues in the hinge design which consists of simple plug connections instead of screws. All of their products are hand-assembled in their modern manufactory that integrates craftsmanship and new technologies. The use of visionary materials and knowledge in eyewear are the defining factors behind their collections.

It was not until 2004 that they released its first metal frame, Collection No1. Collection No2. launched soon afterwards consisting of acetate frames. This comprised of three lines, The Lite, Decades and Luxe. The Lite are their lightest frames, having an ultra thin frame and made up of only three parts. The Decades line is based on glasses from different eras of the 20th century. Finally, the Luxe range uses naturally sourced materials. In 2010 they introduced a material that had never been used in the industry, polyamide to create the MYKITA MYLON. This range uses a selective laser sintering technique to make frames that have no waste. The MYLON has a wide range of design options thanks to its lightness and the materials thermal property which means the frames can be entirely altered. The very first MYLON collection was premiered at the Silmo eyewear fair in September 2011.

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