And now — to borrow a phrase — for the science.

Our optometrists boast decades of experience of working in eyecare. We have honed our trade to a point where you can have absolute faith in, not only our integrity, but our ability.

A relaxed but comprehensive consultation will be followed by a thorough yet equally friendly eye-examination using the latest (and most non-invasive) equipment. We take our time. We want know the health status of your eyes. We check every element of your sight, using everything from retinal photography to field of vision testing to find exactly the right lenses (or contact lenses) that will offer you absolute clarity and confidence in your vision.

And then it’s over to our shop floor team who can guide you through the designer frames that we think might work best for you and your lifestyle. Let’s talk it through. Let’s make sure you're happy. It is, after all, your look.

If you would like to know more or want to book in for a consultation, just give us a call on 0121 389 0841 or email would be great to see you.