Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin is a French brand whose creations are original, lively and above all, epitomise the amalgamation of ergonomics, production techniques and respect for those who wear them. They create their own colours bringing something new to each season. Their mission is to express the essence of every individual through their choice of eyewear. Anne et Valentin make their glasses for individuals to express themselves to the world just as they are.

Each frame is made with love, which reflects how the brand began. Anne and Valentin shared both a professional and personal relationship for over 30 years. Their story begins in Toulouse, and it is here where the Anne et Valentin headquarters remain today. They made their mark in 1994 when they began design and production of bi-coloured acetate frames. They continue to introduce unique shapes and colours for their glasses.

The frames of Anne et Valentin are all made in France. Even though technology revolutions have changed the way some things are done, many of the essential steps of the manufacturing process remain performed by hand. Each beautiful frame is a quality product, representing the long, precise and detailed design and manufacturing process.

Valentin had an optometric background and his career started in 1980. Together with Anne, he opened an optical store with a different approach to frame selection. They ensured that the frames were unique, and instead of trying to adapt their customers to a frame, they endeavoured to find the perfect frame that matched each unique customer’s personality. Their philosophy was and still is simple: when you wear a pair of frames, you are making a statement about yourself to the world! However, eventually, the couple encountered limitations due to the lack of choice out there….. and in 1984 they launched their first collection of Anne et Valentin.

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