Ørgreen was founded in 1997 by three design students Henrik Ørgreen, Gregers Fastrup and Tobias Wandrup. Each were members of the underground Danish art scene. They worked with products relating to street culture and extreme sports. They collaborated and came up with an eyewear concept that was based on the principle of frames as pieces of art.

They took inspiration from the American classic car era (the 1950s Corvette as a favourite example) when design was based on function as well as glamour. This artistic approach coupled with high quality materials and 400 different colour hues still remain paramount in the design process of Ørgreen frames today.

Ørgreen is designed with high-end materials. The eyewear and sunglasses are made in beta-titanium and titanium: superb high quality precious metals. The frames are also known for their colour combinations and style. Their aim is to make timeless and long lasting frames for quality-conscious individuals. Each frame is designed and developed in Denmark but handmade in Japan (known for its high standards and quality). It can take up to 6 months to develop a single frame. Each angle is considered from an artistic point of view and each trial frame is aesthetically scrutinised until perfect.The colour combinations are designed and made in-house and tested at leading Japanese colour labs. Colouring processes consist of 15 or more steps, the different hues are composed in an collection of opposites from weak to strong, refined to raw and tranquil to intense. These colours help to add a twist to their designs alongside their inspiration from street culture, classic cars and extreme sports. Within this they focus on quality, clean lines and minimalistic designs. Rather than building on trend designs they emit a unique style with glasses that are recognisable but consistent, timeless and seasonless.

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